Hey party people, Molly here!

Welcome to, Two Girls Walked Into A …

After working with countless brands, companies and celebrities, strategizing, communicating and sharing their identities and stories, we thought it was time to share a little bit of ourselves. A peek behind the curtain at two crazy, fearless, passionate women who live life to the fullest and never say no to a plate of pasta.

It’s the one outlet we have to discuss any and everything, with no judgement…because who feels like listening to anyone talk shit about real life shit.  Not us.

Since you’ve taken the time to read this far without hitting that ever tempting “X” button in the top corner we owe it to you to explain a little bit about ourselves.

Nic and I starting working together last year on an event she produces each summer with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Like that name drop? Yeah, well there’s more where that came from. The job came to me casually in conversation, which turned into the casual “come work for me for six hours a week”, to, “…let’s build a social media company together “ to “…hey what if we wrote a blog?”

Nicole is absolutely amazing and a female POWERHOUSE all on her own. I’m beyond lucky to not only have her as my mentor in business, but just about everything else. From my period tracker to my love life to booking shows and clients, Nicole has the right advice. Without her, I’d still be shaking up “light on the cran” cosmos for miserable, middle aged woman at the bar on the weekends. (If you’re that middle aged woman, I apologize in advance, but hey! Fancy meeting you here…)

She is best known for her management skills, longstanding career in the music business and globetrotting around the world, usually on a moment’s notice.   She is smart, witty and a lover of all things that involve carbohydrates… which everyone loves. She picks the Capital Grille nine times out of ten and even on her worst days, she shows up to kick major ass.

I on the other hand…am a work in progress.

N: Um, can I get a word in here edgewise? What the fuck?

M:  Hm, look who decided to show up to work today.

I have 20 years on Molly.  Shocking I know, considering I look like her sister. I don’t actually. In fact, an Uber driver referred to us as mother and daughter and that didn’t go over so well. Can you say 1 star review?

Molly is a dynamic, smart, witty, sarcastic bitch. No, really she can be a REAL bitch. I call her for advice about anything in my life and her response is usually “… grow up”. What a friend.

When we first met, her aspiration was to be Kylie Jenner’s personal assistant and I had to slap the shit out of her because that was just RIDICULOUS. Kylie doesn’t eat carbs and your body is made up of 92% carbs.

M: Uh, ok enough from you …

I am a 24 year old, wannabe social media and marketing guru with no college degree under my belt. In this day and age…that’s unheard of. My dreams are bigger then I could fit into a description and I find myself hanging around people double my age because, well lets face it, people my age dream too small and definitely can’t afford the nicer restaurants that older people like to frequent.

I went to culinary school, studied psychology, and ended up living in the middle of downtown Providence with my then best friend, bartending on the weekends and treating Tuesdays like they were Saturdays…as if another weekend was never going to happen.

I soon got my head out of my own ass and started thinking big. You say 10 thousand, I say 10 million…and so does Nicole.

We love life and love to experience everything it has to offer us.  Travel, food, work, (duh) and we have a completely different perspective on life. I mean, I taught Nicole how to deposit money into an ATM this morning. So, if you’re thinking “how different could they really be…?”, there you have it.

N:  Who the fuck takes the time to deposit CASH into an ATM? Just S P E N D it.

We wouldn’t trade our lives, or lifestyles, for the world. Instead, we would love to be able to take you on this journey with us.

To give you a more candid look into who we really are, Nic and I decided to come up ten questions that no matter how awkward; we have to answer, honestly.

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We can’t wait to become BFFs with you.